We choose to live an inter-relational life, committing ourselves to the value of

collaboration as a way of being with our brothers and sisters in pursuit of common goals.

(Value Statement 2004)

Listed below are just a few organizations we collaborate with. For organizations we collaborate with through Martha Justice Ministry click here.

is composed of 13 congregations of women religious in Canada and the US which trace their roots to St. Vincent de Paul, St. Louise de Marillac and Mother Elizabeth Seton. Historically, the Sisters of St. Martha of Antigonish began their life with the Sisters of Charity of Halifax and can trace their roots in the same traditions. During our centennial celebrations in 2002, we were invited to become members of the Federation and in 2003 we applied and were accepted. The Federation, composed of approximately 5000 members worldwide, who live and work in 28 countries, is committed to the Gospel and to serving as advocates and witnesses, bringing about systemic change for the elimination of poverty.

gives voice to those living in poverty and provides firsthand knowledge to decision makers in areas such as Sustainable Development, Poverty Eradication, Human Rights, Trafficking, Migration, Climate Change, Financing for Development, Education for Global Citizenship, and Women & Children. Sister Marion Sheridan, CSM serves as NGO liaison for the Sisters of St. Martha.

was established in 1954. Every two years, the organization calls the Leaders of Religious Institutes and Societies of Apostolic Life to a General Assembly. The Assembly provides opportunities for members to meet and share common practices and challenges. The participants seek a common focus across Canada to foster the vitality of Religious Life in an effort to encourage the building of solidarity in our common mission of proclaiming the Good News of Religious Life in the Church and in Canadian society. Sr. Brendalee Boisvert has served as Atlantic Representative on the CRC National Executive Council since 2016.

assists its members "personally and communally to carry out more collaboratively their service of leadership, fostering dialogue and collaboration among religious congregations, developing models for initiating and strengthening relationships with groups concerned with the needs of society, thereby maximizing the potential of the conference for effecting change". (LCWR Mission Statement)

represents Congregations of Women Religious throughout the world. Its mission is to build bridges that span distances, borders and boundaries in order to create ways for members to be in communication, in community and in communion. The purpose of UISG is to promote an understanding of religious life. (UISG Mission Statement)

"Through inclusive collaboration and in fidelity to Gospel stewardship, ATRI effectively strengthens, supports and enhances the ministry of financial administration and structures of Religious Institutes in Canada." (ATRI Mission Statement)

Mission Assurance Advisory Council (MAAC) at St. Martha's Regional Hospital

Mission Assurance Advisory Council (MAAC) at St. Martha's Regional Hospital

The Sisters of St. Martha owned and governed this institution from its foundation in 1906 until 1996. Prior to the transfer of ownership, the Sisters negotiated a Mission Assurance Agreement with the Government of Nova Scotia. It assures the continuation of the traditional identity, mission and philosophy of the hospital.

The Congregation of the Sisters of St. Martha is a Religious Institute of Pontifical Right and as such is under the direct authority of Holy See. Notwithstanding, its home has always been the Diocese of Antigonish and Sisters have maintained a good relationship with the local bishop and clergy.

Martha Retreat Centre, opened in 1968 by CSM, continues its important mission of providing spiritual direction under a different leadership. Martha Retreat Centre Society assumed responsibility of the operation, management and ministry of this Centre.