Who are Martha Associates?

"Our charisms are not confined to vowed religious life. They are found and flourish among single and married persons and clergy as well"
(Sr. Mary Pellegrino, CSJ)

Sisters of St. Martha embraced this ministry in 1980 and it continues to grow each year. At present, there are approximately 90 Martha Associates across Canada. Martha Associates are lay people who affiliate with the Sisters for purposes of supporting each other in deepening their relationship with God, with others, with the Universe, in right relationship. Associates carry the Martha Charism of Gospel Hospitality to their workplace and families.

What do Martha Associates do?

The essential component of Associate relationship is communication among the Associates and with the Sisters of St. Martha in order to foster awareness of our Baptismal Call and the Martha Charism. The Associates hold monthly group gatherings for prayer, spiritual reading, input and fellowship. The Associate Director, Julia Townsend visits each Associate Group yearly and provides them with input pertinent to the CSM Chapter Direction. In addition, a yearly weekend retreat is held in the East and in the West with presentation by the Sisters, Martha Associates, and invited guests.

Become Martha Associate

If you are interested in becoming a Martha Associate, please contact the Associate Director, Julia Townsend at  julia.townsend@themarthas.com

Julia Townsend was received as a Martha Associate in  2012. She is a member of the Sydney Associate Group. In 2016, Julia became Co-Director of Martha Associates under the mentorship of Sr. Claudette Gallant CSM. In 2018, Julia became the first Associate to serve as the Director of Martha Associates. Julia feels blessed in the call to be a Martha Associate. She especially treasures the sharing of faith, friendship and hospitality that exists between the Sisters and the Associates.

Being a Martha Associate means...

Meet a Martha Associate

Meet Julia Townsend, Martha Associate Director

Meet Kathy Gillis, Martha Associate