Martha Ministry Stories

Martha Ministry Stories

Ministry engages Sisters of St. Martha in concrete service that flows from the Mission of Jesus. Their mission as Marthas calls them to hear, embrace, and respond to the cries of Gospel Hospitality. Service can be expressed in many forms, such as prayer, suffering, pastoral, spiritual, educational and social, to name some. In their service, Sisters strive to offer a quality of presence that facilitates the development of persons.

Some of the current ministries Marthas serve are:

  • Spiritual and Religious Care
    and Direction
  • Parish Ministry
  • Visiting Seniors
  • Wellspring Centre
  • University Chaplaincy Service on various Boards
  • Advocacy for Social
    and Ecological Justice
  • Poverty Reduction
  • Mindfulness Training/
    Clinical Counselling
  • Prayer Ministry
  • Service in food banks
    and soup kitchens
  • First Nations Education
  • Adult Education
    and Community Development
  • Adult Faith Development
  • Action Ministry of Presence
Sr. Lucy MacNeil and Sr. Stella Chafe


Sisters Lucy MacNeil and Stella Chafe are the last Marthas to minister in Inverness. They were missioned there after they had already retired from their professional teaching careers. Sisters of St. Martha service in Inverness evolved over the years and their final ministry was what they call ‘the ministry of presence’ – being there for the people whenever they were needed.

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Sr. Anne Coady


Sr. Anne Coady devoted her Religious Life to teaching and doing social work at different institutional settings. A welcoming presence to everyone, she has always loved people.

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Sr. Marie Thérèse Richard


Sr. Marie Thérèse Richard's ministry life has been about hospitality in a literal sense but also about Gospel Hospitality – having an open heart to others. 

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Sr. Marion Sheridan


“I think I live on the edge. I think the edge for me is there is always something new you can learn. There is no end! I think that gives me energy!”

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